Living in London | Exploring East London | Part 6

What is a better way to cheer up than shopping? A little trip to Shoreditch was something I needed. If you are into vintage shopping, I recommend you to visit East London and its original vintage shops. You can experience street art, quirky fashion inspiration and more. I am huge fan of such things, so exploring this part of London was very exciting for me. Here are some pictures from my wandering in East London. 

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Cousin's Wedding

Last Saturday was a special day for my cousin and his girlfriend. They had a wedding and I was pleased I could attend it. I am not into dancing and long ceremonies, however meeting family members I had not seen in a while was nice. It was a long night full of eating, celebrating, dancing and having conversations. Here are some of the photos I have taken. Cheers x

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Bulgaria 2013

Recently,  I came back from a vacation in Bulgaria. I took about 700 photos, even thought I was there only for a week (I got a bit crazy). There is nothing bad I can say about it. It exceeded my expectations in every way. Everything was great. I apologize for my poor description. Again, I will let the photos to give you better vision. This is definitely not the last post about Bulgaria! I hope everyone is having wonderful summer!

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Living in London | Camden & Primrose Hill | Part 5

Next day, we woke up at about 9 o’clock, had breakfast and replied to couple of emails. Our roommate told us to go to Camden, hence I told him I have been to Portobello Market and I totally loved it. He told me Camden is similiar to Portobello yet very specific, so I could not wait to find out myself. Even though Camden was smaller than Portobello, I had to admit it has an  unusual atmosphere I cannot describe properly. It is known as a place full of musicians and that is complete true. We saw a few of them playing instruments and singing in order to earn money for rent. Exploring Camden was very nice and I would spend there every day, if I could. 

Another exciting discovery for me was how close we were to Primrose Hill. A place I wanted to visit for ages, but never had a chance to do it. Again, I convinced my friend for a ‘little’ walk. Primrose Hill exceeded every image I had about it. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been to, and living there must be amazing. The bonus was that the weather was sunny, so we had an utterly beautiful view of central London. My description is very poor comparing to what we have seen. Let the pictures give you better vision.

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Cyprus 2013

Summer means hot days, ice-cream, parties, holiday and A LOT of water. Honestly, I am not that person who really needs to spend hours in some pool/water/anything wet but when my mom told me that we're going to spend 12 days on Cyprus, I was pretty excited. This was the first time I've been there and here is my little review. :)

We lived in one really big resort called Acapulco Beach Family Resort & Waterpark which consist of two hotels, little houses (they looked like Bart Simpson - check out the photos :D), little lunapark, one beautiful restaurant, many bars, pool etc. 

Beach : Beautiful!
Food: Great! But those cakes were a nightmare for me - they were SO delicious. Eating healthy, right?
Room: Nice one!
Staff: Sweet!

I would give this holiday 9/10. :)) I highly recommend this place because it's SO beautiful <3.

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Living in London | NIN Interview | Part 4

As I have mentioned before, I was expecting to have an interview for NIN (National Insurance Number). I was quite nervous, even though I had no reason to be. Fortunately, the interview went smoothly.  They asked me a few personal questions and were very nice and polite. My friend waited for me outside, so we could go home together.

After I got out of Job Centre, I convinced my friend for a little walk as I felt the area we were located in was familiar to me and I was right. Not far away from Job Centre were Tower Bridge and Tower of London. We went for a little sightseeing and then headed back to Stratford.

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Analog diaries #1

One of my liveliest memories of my childhood is, my sister and I goofing around with her Polaroid camera she got for Christmas. Having a photo few seconds after the snap was exciting. My fascination with analog cameras has increased recently. After an experiment with my friend back in December 2012, I was quite sure I will use it again. There is definitely something special about analog photography. According to my opinion, they thoroughly reflect the atmosphere of an event. Last week, when I found an old analog camera at home, I was more than excited to try it. However, the film that was in the camera was way too old, hence I got only 4 pictures that I can show you.

Living in London | Job hunting & Sightseeing | Part 3

On a Saturday, we moved to our new home and unpacked our staff. We were quite exhausted after all these viewings, because we made about 20 kilometres of walking and did not eat properly. So, we cooked some pasta and went on the Internet to look for a job. Then we went to Stratford straight to shops and restaurants. We were handing CVs anywhere we could. What they mostly told us, was that we should go online and fill their form and then they might contact us. I am not saying it is a wrong way, but I think it takes much more time. Yeah, I filled around 20 forms a day, literally. I did not expect they will call me straight away; however the waiting was pretty annoying.

After a few days, I got a call for a job interview, however I could not attend it, hence I was not having a utility bill and a NI number. I had to wait, because I got my appointment for a NIN next week. If you do not know what NIN is, very simply, it is a number, under which you are registered in the UK and if you intend to work in the UK for longer that a season you need to get it.

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Living in London | Moving to new home | Part 2

After never ending journey to our hostel located in Kensal Green, we finally had some rest. We had a room booked for only two nights, which meant we had to find a flat immediately. We had been searching for a property before, so we had an overview about rent prices. The key fact for us was that we wanted to find relatively cheap flat surrounded by shops and restaurants, where we could find a potential job. We narrowed our locations to North East London, particularly Stratford. However, it was not as easy as we thought it would be. On our first day of seeking, we did not find anything. We were still tired from the journey and also sad about the fact we might be sleeping on the street next day. Searching for a flat from home was however a very good choice. I have already had some contacts, so we could arrange viewing and we did. As I mentioned before, we were 3 girls looking for a flat and we decided we were going for a flat share. Something, I have never done before, but I was willing to try.

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Living in London | Volatile beginning | Part 1

It is a Sunday evening here in London and I am lying on a bed with two of my friends in a flat we share with an older man. When you are moving to London and yet you are not being a millionaire and cannot afford a fancy flat, you have to get used to difficult living conditions. That means, three girls sleeping on one double bed in a bedroom big as a carton box. I was thinking of writing a blog for a while now, however I did not know about what should I write. My life got more ‘exciting’ thankfully to last year’s and this year’s occurrences, which means now I have a reason and an inspiration to start blogging again.