Week In Photos #1

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I posted an article, and I want to apologize for my lack of update. However, these past weeks have been hectic and I have been quite busy. Fortunatelly, I found a bit of time and energy to share some pictures from what I have been up to. All these photos where taken randomly while I was strolling down a street :). I hope you find them interesting or perhaps pleasing in any kind of way. Hope you are all doing good. I cannot wait to post my first post about my university. It is in the process of making and I promise to post it ASAP. Thank you all for your lovely comments, shares and support. We really appreciate it! xx

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Street Art Communication rocks!

There are so many amazing projects around the world and one of them is Street Art Communication! If I could I would personally thank all these amazingly talented artists who created these masterpieces! I always admire street art because I know how tough it is for these artists to create something like that. Just admit it - street art makes a city look much better! Don't you think?

Look: I'm obsessed with tartan shirts!! Honestly, everytime I see a man wearing a tartan shirt, I just can't...Ask my male friends haha. It's interesting how such thing can make me happy.
Braces, shirt, glasses..kinda being a geek but I love this style! 
This coat/jacket/I don't even know what it is- is so cool! I fell in love with it and I wear it almost all the time!
Last but not least, these boots are so handy, especially in London! :)

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