Michelle's UNI Diary #1 I Fresher's Week

As I mentioned before being a Fresher is really exciting! There are always so many events prepared for the cheeky students enjoying their first year at the university they chose. Unfortunately...(or fortunately?)...I got ill and just couldn't attend all of them but at least, I didn't throw my money through the window of the London cab.

I went just to ONE student party called School Disco which took place at our Undercroft Bar at our UNI. Our student radio called "Smoke Radio" did a GREAT job organizing this event!! It was totally awesome!! What I enjoyed most was the moment when my schoolfella Keith took over DJing and made this party even better! Yeah...I have such amazing schoolmates! I'm really thankful for these beauties because they make my day much better! :) There are just 26 of us so we are something like a Radio Family. <3

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Favourite places in London | Primrose Hill

When my mind is full of thoughts, which I cannot sort out at the moment, I usually go for a walk. Fortunately, it is not hard to find a piece of nature in such a busy city like London. London has many world-famous parks such as Hyde Park, Holland Park, St. James Park, etc. I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite places, which is Primrose Hill. It is located in Hampstead, North West London very close to another well known place, Camden. Primrose Hill is one of the priciest places to live. Many famous and wealthy people are living in this area. In my personal opinion, it is an ideal place to live. It has its rural atmosphere even though it is located in Central London. You have a full view of the city from the top of the hill. It is used mainly as a place for walking, relaxing and doing picnics, but you can often found people running or playing football. Without further ado, here are pictures.

Warning: Lots of trees are included in this article :D

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Welcome to London I Michelle's diary #1

Being a Fresher ( = a 1st year student) is such an exciting thing because everything is so new to me - new place, new people, new life!
I've been dreaming about living and studying in London since I was 12!! And now...I just can't believe it!

But let's face a reality...
Firstly, we had to find a place to live! Pavla and I had some viewings of the flats but even though we were a bit worried about it, we didn't give up and thanks to our positive attitude and Pavla's neatness (*hive five* to her!) we finally found an amazing place - a house which we share with one lovely family.

You may think 'oh, that's it! nothing to do or worry about..." but you're wrong then. I have so many things on my "To Do List". Don't believe it? Oh, alright..here it is:
- find and register for a GP
- create a student bank account
- apply for NIN (National Insurance Number)
- apply for a student Oyster card
- sign up for the Smoke Radio
and even more...

See? Being an adult is NOT easy but it is damn worth it! London is the best place to make our dreams come true! I fell in love with LON-LON! Such a beautiful and exciting city!

D'oh! What about my UNI? I'm studying a Radio Production so you can imagine how exciting this course is! I already met so many amazing and hilarious people! I totally love everything - my uni, schoolmates, tutors, studios (oh dammit! they're so cool!! :3 ) and even food at our school canteen..haha

So that's just the beginning...If you want to know even more, just follow our blog via your gmail account so you don't miss anything!

In the next post I'll tell you more about my fresher's week and my UNI.:))

Have a lovely now!



Living in London | London at Night | Part 8

London at night is beautiful, exciting, inspirational, just pure bliss. I wish there was a word, that could define its beauty and atmosphere. The only way, how you can get what I am writing about is experiecing it. I hope, that everyone who is wishing to go to London, will get there one day. I apologise for the blurry photos. I was too excited.

This is the last part of 'Living in London' series. I hope, you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. If you want to read more about London, don't worry. Both of us will start our university diary in few days. Cheers for now xx.

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A bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll

This has been the first time I was in front of a camera as a ‘model’.  Believe me; I rather enjoy being behind the lenses taking pictures of someone else. However life is a challenge and we should overcome our fears and restrictions that keep us away from gaining new experience. Here am I, trying hard not to laugh, because somehow I found it hilarious to walk around these beautifully painted walls (*weirdo*). I would also like to say MASSIVE THANK YOU to our beloved best friends that helped us with literally everything. You are the best and I will miss you <3. Enough description, hope you will enjoy photos!

P.S.: You can expect Michelle to share her photos in an incoming article :).

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Living in London | Little Haul | Part 7

As you can see, the 'introductory' image has changed. It is just because this is a bit different part of 'Living in London' series. Hope you will enjoy it anyway! Here is the promised post with items, I have purchased from my Shoredich trip. You can also find items, I have not mentioned before, which are from Primark in Westfield Stratford. Without further ado, enjoy the post!

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Analog diaries #2 | Bulgaria 2013

As I mentioned before, I have been to Bulgaria recently and it was lovely (check my previous post). I took my analog camera on the vacation with me, just in case and found out it was very useful. I took it to the beach with me, instead of regular DSLR, hence it might got damaged easily. I have quite a few pictures. Just don't expect them to be impressive at all. They are just cheeky little snaps. Enjoy! :)

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DIY #1 | Memory Wall

I feel like I am one of those sentimental people, who tend to summarise their lives after a while. I usually do it while looking through photos, I have taken. I love it, when I find some random photography I did not know existed, and it brings all these lovely memories back, as if they happened a moment ago. As you might know, I started to experiment with an old analog camera I found at my house. Now I have bunch of pictures and I would not like them to be closed in a photo album and put it on a shelf. No, I want to have them somewhere, where I can randomly spot them to remind me of all these wonderful moments, I have experienced. Here I have the idea for a Memory wall.

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