A bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll

This has been the first time I was in front of a camera as a ‘model’.  Believe me; I rather enjoy being behind the lenses taking pictures of someone else. However life is a challenge and we should overcome our fears and restrictions that keep us away from gaining new experience. Here am I, trying hard not to laugh, because somehow I found it hilarious to walk around these beautifully painted walls (*weirdo*). I would also like to say MASSIVE THANK YOU to our beloved best friends that helped us with literally everything. You are the best and I will miss you <3. Enough description, hope you will enjoy photos!

P.S.: You can expect Michelle to share her photos in an incoming article :).

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Jacket - H&M
Top - H&M
Skirt - Zara
Sandals - unknown

Photo credit: all pictures are mine, please credit me if you use any picture

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment and sorry for my mistakes. Stay awesome <3 


  1. complimenti per l outfit. grazie per il commento sul mio blog. carinissima. ti va se ci seguiamo a vicenda?? un bacio
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  2. Nice jacket!

  3. nice pics!
    do you wanna follow each other?


    1. thaks a lot :) let me check your blog :) x

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