Michelle's UNI Diary #1 I Fresher's Week

As I mentioned before being a Fresher is really exciting! There are always so many events prepared for the cheeky students enjoying their first year at the university they chose. Unfortunately...(or fortunately?)...I got ill and just couldn't attend all of them but at least, I didn't throw my money through the window of the London cab.

I went just to ONE student party called School Disco which took place at our Undercroft Bar at our UNI. Our student radio called "Smoke Radio" did a GREAT job organizing this event!! It was totally awesome!! What I enjoyed most was the moment when my schoolfella Keith took over DJing and made this party even better! Yeah...I have such amazing schoolmates! I'm really thankful for these beauties because they make my day much better! :) There are just 26 of us so we are something like a Radio Family. <3

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Here's a little cheeky pic of my radio fellas Lucy, Venetia and Mikey (check his funny posts *here*) and ...myself :P

Uh...and a little story :

Once upon a time Michelle went to a party with her schoolfellas. She was so enjoying herself that she forgot that tubes in London run till 1 am. She left the party at about 2:00 am and called her friend from Czech Republic she shared a room at the hostel with. He told her to stay there so he could come and guard her against the creatures of midnight London. While he was walking there she was waiting for him in the shop next to the bus stop so she made friends with one guy from Sri Lanka and a woman from Latvia. Finally! He came! It took him about 1,5 hour. Oh...6 miles!! So they walked to the hostel together and came 'home' at 5:30 am! At least they could enjoy the view of Wembley and its beautiful lights. Then she packed her stuff and was ready to move into new place with her lovely bestie Pavla.
       The End.

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