We are alive | A massive apology | What is going on?

Hello! After months of no update I feel like I should at least write a decent article to explain why we are not updating at all. Firstly, we are very sorry. We are not closing or going on hiatus. We just happened to be very busy these past two months and literally had no time to take any photos to make an engaging article. At the moment, the term 2 is getting to its end, which means lots of work for both of us to finish it successfully and get the best grades we can. Apart from that, both of us are looking for a part-time job to fund ourselves.

Secondly, it might look like Siburn is doing nothing but honestly we are doing our best. We have been very lucky to have a chance and do video production for some music artists, which we are not going to reveal now and let you wait (sorry, but it is better to wait, really :)). Both of us are very into it and want to give it everything and start this as a business and hopefully one day to make our living out of it. It is wonderful to find out that your hobby can potentially become your job, which means you truly love it and put all your passion, effort and knowledge in it. I hope all of you will find what your let's say life purpose is and will be successful.

Just to show you a bit of what is going on, here is our portfolio, where we put the best of our work. You have probably seen the most of it but anyway you can still have a look :).

This is it for now, I have a few pictures from Hyde Park for you to see how spring beautiful looks over there. We will definitely be posting more, we promise! Thank you for everything! xx

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