Welcome to London I Michelle's diary #1

Being a Fresher ( = a 1st year student) is such an exciting thing because everything is so new to me - new place, new people, new life!
I've been dreaming about living and studying in London since I was 12!! And now...I just can't believe it!

But let's face a reality...
Firstly, we had to find a place to live! Pavla and I had some viewings of the flats but even though we were a bit worried about it, we didn't give up and thanks to our positive attitude and Pavla's neatness (*hive five* to her!) we finally found an amazing place - a house which we share with one lovely family.

You may think 'oh, that's it! nothing to do or worry about..." but you're wrong then. I have so many things on my "To Do List". Don't believe it? Oh, alright..here it is:
- find and register for a GP
- create a student bank account
- apply for NIN (National Insurance Number)
- apply for a student Oyster card
- sign up for the Smoke Radio
and even more...

See? Being an adult is NOT easy but it is damn worth it! London is the best place to make our dreams come true! I fell in love with LON-LON! Such a beautiful and exciting city!

D'oh! What about my UNI? I'm studying a Radio Production so you can imagine how exciting this course is! I already met so many amazing and hilarious people! I totally love everything - my uni, schoolmates, tutors, studios (oh dammit! they're so cool!! :3 ) and even food at our school canteen..haha

So that's just the beginning...If you want to know even more, just follow our blog via your gmail account so you don't miss anything!

In the next post I'll tell you more about my fresher's week and my UNI.:))

Have a lovely now!




  1. Girls!! It's so amazing! I read this article and I smile during it! I'm really so proud of you and i cant wait for your next experience from London! :)

    1. Aww An! Thank You so much! We're so delighted you are happy for us :))) If you wanna know first about our experiences just click on "join this site/follow" ;)) xx

  2. aaa niekomu sa tu plnia sny! :3 držím vám palce dievčatá, len tak ďalej..! :))

    1. sny su na to, aby sa plnili, že? mame len jeden život momentálne v tejto dimenzii, tak na čo čakať! ďakujeme krásne, Tami! Prajeme ti, nech sa ti splnia všetky sny a túžby :)) xx