Living in London | NIN Interview | Part 4

As I have mentioned before, I was expecting to have an interview for NIN (National Insurance Number). I was quite nervous, even though I had no reason to be. Fortunately, the interview went smoothly.  They asked me a few personal questions and were very nice and polite. My friend waited for me outside, so we could go home together.

After I got out of Job Centre, I convinced my friend for a little walk as I felt the area we were located in was familiar to me and I was right. Not far away from Job Centre were Tower Bridge and Tower of London. We went for a little sightseeing and then headed back to Stratford.

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Tower of London and The Shard
Tower Bridge
My(messy-fluffy-haired)self in front of Tower Bridge
My(messy-fluffy-haired)self appears again in front of St. Paul's Cathedral with a very stylish and busy woman on my right side :)

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