Living in London | Moving to new home | Part 2

After never ending journey to our hostel located in Kensal Green, we finally had some rest. We had a room booked for only two nights, which meant we had to find a flat immediately. We had been searching for a property before, so we had an overview about rent prices. The key fact for us was that we wanted to find relatively cheap flat surrounded by shops and restaurants, where we could find a potential job. We narrowed our locations to North East London, particularly Stratford. However, it was not as easy as we thought it would be. On our first day of seeking, we did not find anything. We were still tired from the journey and also sad about the fact we might be sleeping on the street next day. Searching for a flat from home was however a very good choice. I have already had some contacts, so we could arrange viewing and we did. As I mentioned before, we were 3 girls looking for a flat and we decided we were going for a flat share. Something, I have never done before, but I was willing to try.

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We came to our first viewing one hour earlier, because we thought it would took us longer to get there. The first offer was located in Leyton, which is an area not so far from Stratford. However, the tube station or any other station from which we could get anywhere was way too far. Also the area was not surrounded by any shop or restaurant. It was purely a living area. From my list of cons, I should mention the fact that the room was rather untidy, pricy and it was a party house. Lots of people, who were not even living there, were coming in and out, using others’ things and so on. Believe me, I like having company around me, but that place was quite crowded even for me. As you can guess, we did not decide to take it. Luckily, just in time I got an e-mail from a man, who was offering a flat share. Even though the conditions were a bit difficult, the rent price was more than appropriate.

We went for viewing that day and agreed on moving. I was satisfied; we had a place to sleep. We headed back to our hostel and packed our things. We moved from Kensal Green to Forest Gate, which was two train stops away from Stratford. The area was not so clean, but was livelier than Kensal Green or Leyton. We also had a park close to our flat, where we went quite often. I love this kind of contrast, when you have an enormous park in the middle of a rushed city such as London.

To be continued...

Photos of the park we often visited
Random photos snapped by my friend and I around Forest Gate area
A photo of a dysfunctional alarm clock in our room

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