Living in London | Job hunting & Sightseeing | Part 3

On a Saturday, we moved to our new home and unpacked our staff. We were quite exhausted after all these viewings, because we made about 20 kilometres of walking and did not eat properly. So, we cooked some pasta and went on the Internet to look for a job. Then we went to Stratford straight to shops and restaurants. We were handing CVs anywhere we could. What they mostly told us, was that we should go online and fill their form and then they might contact us. I am not saying it is a wrong way, but I think it takes much more time. Yeah, I filled around 20 forms a day, literally. I did not expect they will call me straight away; however the waiting was pretty annoying.

After a few days, I got a call for a job interview, however I could not attend it, hence I was not having a utility bill and a NI number. I had to wait, because I got my appointment for a NIN next week. If you do not know what NIN is, very simply, it is a number, under which you are registered in the UK and if you intend to work in the UK for longer that a season you need to get it.

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I was bit of sorry for my friend, who had never been to London before and the only thing she had seen so far was Stratford and Kensal Green. These areas are alright, but it cannot be compared to central London and its historical monuments and buildings. That was why I decided we should go for sightseeing. I wanted her to see the beauty of London. I could not wait for Sunday to come!

Sunday came and we woke up earlier than typical tourists would. Our plan was simple. See as much as we can. We got from Forest Gate to Stratford via train, and then went by tube to Oxford Street. We made a tour from Oxford Street to Houses of Parliament. Pictures will give you better description. Enjoy!

To be continued...

I apologize, I got a bit carried away with Photoshop actions, hence the colours are a bit strange :D

 Regent St.

Trafalgar Square
The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square
Houses of Parliament
London Eye
 Ehm, that is me :)
The Sherlock Holmes Restaurant I discovered by accident

Photo credit: all pictures are mine, please credit me if you use any picture

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