Cyprus 2013

Summer means hot days, ice-cream, parties, holiday and A LOT of water. Honestly, I am not that person who really needs to spend hours in some pool/water/anything wet but when my mom told me that we're going to spend 12 days on Cyprus, I was pretty excited. This was the first time I've been there and here is my little review. :)

We lived in one really big resort called Acapulco Beach Family Resort & Waterpark which consist of two hotels, little houses (they looked like Bart Simpson - check out the photos :D), little lunapark, one beautiful restaurant, many bars, pool etc. 

Beach : Beautiful!
Food: Great! But those cakes were a nightmare for me - they were SO delicious. Eating healthy, right?
Room: Nice one!
Staff: Sweet!

I would give this holiday 9/10. :)) I highly recommend this place because it's SO beautiful <3.

Check out the photos below:

Dress: Primark


  1. Bože Miša tebe to tak pristane !! So sweet and I hope we'll have holiday like this together!! love youuu

    1. Thank You my dear! For suuure! We'll go on holiday together and it will be awesome! Luv ya xxx