Living in London | Volatile beginning | Part 1

It is a Sunday evening here in London and I am lying on a bed with two of my friends in a flat we share with an older man. When you are moving to London and yet you are not being a millionaire and cannot afford a fancy flat, you have to get used to difficult living conditions. That means, three girls sleeping on one double bed in a bedroom big as a carton box. I was thinking of writing a blog for a while now, however I did not know about what should I write. My life got more ‘exciting’ thankfully to last year’s and this year’s occurrences, which means now I have a reason and an inspiration to start blogging again.

So let’s get started from the beginning. My name is Pavla. I am 19 years old creature, who likes to blog, vlog, draw, etc. I have always been having rather boring life, hence I was not expecting there would be some drastic change in my life. If you have told me a year ago, that I would be moving to London, I would just laugh so hard, and have told you, that you were crazy. How has all this happened?

Back in summer of 2012, my friend Michelle and I decided to go for an adventure (crazy shopping adventure to be clear) to London. We spent a lovely week in this city full of crazy experiences and made lifetime memories. After we came home, we had to face our regular lives, which meant getting back to school. What made it worst was the fact that it was our last year at secondary school. As you can imagine, it was full of tests, exams and other very ‘enjoyable’ things. But thank God, we made it. You may think that studying for the finals was the worst part, but that was alright comparing to other events. Real struggling came, when we had to decide, what we are going to do after we graduate from secondary school. We could either work or go to university. Michelle and I had a clear mind about it. We knew, we wanted to carry on with our studies, however we had our dreams and felt as if the only place we were truly happy and satisfied was London. So, there we go. We decided, we are going to study in London.

Firstly, I thought I was ridiculous, because seriously I could not imagine any university would ever offer me a place. After I made decision to apply, I promised myself I am going to work as hard as I can. After about 5 months of studying, writing a personal statement, preparing for finals, we made it. We got results we needed and we got a place. Despite the fact we are BFFs, we decided to go to different universities as we found each more suitable for ourselves.

After this rather hectic period of our lives and also after little celebrations, we had to face the reality again. We had to make a budget, find a flat and job and so on. We were planning to go to London in July 2013, however Michelle could not come. I did not know if I should, hence I thought it would be hard for me to go on my own. However at the same time, my friend informed me she would like to come, and so we decided we would go. We found another girl through internet and decided we would share a flat as it would be cheaper.

All these decisions were made very quickly, so you can probably tell, we were not prepared at all. All the flights were already full, which meant we had to find another way of how to get to London. The only possible way was by coach, which was a crazy idea. I’ve been in the UK by bus twice already and I truly hated it. But my excitement to go was bigger than my fear and hate I had for long rides. It took us about 37 hours to get there. The journey was rather smooth, apart for some traffic jams. Fortunately, it ended up and we found ourselves in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

To be continued...

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment and sorry for my mistakes. Stay awesome <3

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