Spring & Narcissus

Hello everyone, Michelle here!

How are you lovely people? I hope you're great! What about us? Thanks for asking, we are working hard on our dreams and goals and we are more than happy and so so grateful that things started moving in right direction! I apologise for keeping things secret, we just don't want to say anything out loud until it's done. :) But what can I tell you it's just that Pavla and I are already working with absolutely amazing, inspiring and talented people who share the same positive vibes as we do!

Spring came to London and for me it's definitely the most beautiful season of the whole year! I just love it! All these trees, flowers, air, weather, ice cream...beautiful! :)

Pavla was begging me as she really wanted to take some pictures with this gorgeous background, so I wanted to make her happy and agreed to be a model haha. That's what best friends are for, aren't they? ;)

Enjoy these sunny days and have fun :)

Lots of love xxx 

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dress: Primark xx bow: DIY
Photos by: Siburn Productions (Pavla)


  1. OMG michelle! you ar eso gorgeous!

  2. you look so cutee Michelle! love the flowers too :D