New Year - New Me? New U! I Live for the Moment

Have I wished you a Happy New Year yet? Nope?! How come?!!! I apologize for my lateness! I don't want to make excuse but living in London is hectic, fast, busy, busy, busy! Even more if you're working hard to make your dreams come true. I am. WE - Siburn - are! We are so excited for 2014!! There are some amazing things coming soon. I can't tell you anything though. It's secret but make sure to follow us on Facebook, so you can get the latest info first ;).

What did you do on New Year's Eve a.k.a "Silvester"? My two cutie pies (as I call my male friends) and I spent some time together having fun while chatting with some random people via Chatroulette. I even recorded there hilarious moments, so maybe you'll be able to see the video of the best bits here.

Let's have a look at the New Year's resolutions! Mine are :

° eat healthy ->  cook a Slovak soup once a week/fortnight (Britons don't eat soups!! Can you believe it? O_O I know, right?) °

° go for a run/walk - park - morning - hell yeah!! °

° spend more time on self-study °

° spend more time with the beloved ones - family and friends :) °

° live HERE and NOW! Live for the MOMENT! °
   - > enjoy the "simple things" that the Nature gives us every day but we just don't happen to appreciate them as we are so busy thinking about all these "important things/problems" which are NOT that important! Try finding the beauty in the simplicity around you and enjoy it at least just for a little moment. Feel its energy, power and grace.
   - > When you spend time with your friends, schoolmates or colleagues, BE with them and listen to what they say. Don't check your Facebook notifications or Twitter interactions. They can wait but these people are there for you, with you but they're not here forever, so spend your time wisely! :)

My favourite quote is :" Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a GIFT :)"

Be Inspired
   Be Love
      Stay Awesome and… Live for the Moment

 Lots of Love and Positive Energy

           Michelle xxx

P.S.: Here's one amazing, beautiful and positive song by my dear Czech friend - Voxel! Remember, "NejlĂ­p je tam, tam kde si ty - The best place in the world is where You are " <3

Photo: I took this pic of Alexandra Park while enjoying its beauty. Remember? Running in the morning weeey :3

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  1. Haha you are in my park :D:D hope u'll fulfill all ur new years resolutions ;) Have a nice time in UK :)!