University diary by Pavla | Introduction | Part 1

Dear all! Thank you for keeping up with us and writing lovely comments! We are very sorry we are not as updated as we were before, however our uni and other activities take all our time. BUT we are definitely not going on hiatus and we are going to reconstruct it to make it even better. So please, bear with us and stay tuned :).

This is my first post dedicated to my university studies. It is week 8 currently and I am almost finished with my first course work :). So far, I have enjoyed university so much! I am very satisfied and happy. I am currently studing Communication and Media studies at Brunel University in Uxbridge. Time runs so quickly and I have just realised how close is the end of term 1 :O. There is literally nothing bad I can tell about it. Both my lectures and seminars are great, very stimulating and I often find myself thinking about the topic even after lectures. I have already read bunch of books from library. It has helped to decide which way in media I want to go in my life which is producing/reviewing. This term is more about theory but term 2 will be a lot about video production and you can guess that I cannot wait to experience it. I have had a conversation with a second year student of this course and she said that I will love it!

So, that is it for now. I hope you all are doing well. I wish you all good luck with your studying. I have a few pictures of Uxbridge for you that I took on my way to uni from station. Thank you all and take care!

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Photo credit: all pictures are mine, please credit me if you use any picture

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment and sorry for my mistakes. Stay awesome <3 

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