London Through The Starbucks Cup Lid

A few weeks ago I went to the Central London, so I used this opportunity to "say Hi!" to my favorite sights. Then an idea of taking photos of these beauties through the lid of the Starbucks cup came to my mind. So I tried to use it effectively in this creative way. You can imagine the look random people gave me. I didn't care. It was funny though.

I used some simple tools to edit these pics and to emphasis the main characters of each object.

What do you think about this idea? Share your opinion in the comment section below. :)

            Be Creative
                 Be Original
                     Be Spontaneous 

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Photo credit: all pictures are mine, please credit me if you use any picture

Thank You 


  1. Nádherné Miška !!!!! :))))

  2. Podla mna je to super napad :) Ake umelecke fotky to vytvara :)) .-Veronika

  3. kráásne fotky!!

  4. Použiť to viečko bol naozaj super nápad a vyzerá to cute :) si šikovná :) a kreatívna :)