Street Art Communication rocks!

There are so many amazing projects around the world and one of them is Street Art Communication! If I could I would personally thank all these amazingly talented artists who created these masterpieces! I always admire street art because I know how tough it is for these artists to create something like that. Just admit it - street art makes a city look much better! Don't you think?

Look: I'm obsessed with tartan shirts!! Honestly, everytime I see a man wearing a tartan shirt, I just can't...Ask my male friends haha. It's interesting how such thing can make me happy.
Braces, shirt, glasses..kinda being a geek but I love this style! 
This coat/jacket/I don't even know what it is- is so cool! I fell in love with it and I wear it almost all the time!
Last but not least, these boots are so handy, especially in London! :)

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shirt Topshop x shorts Calvin Klein Jeans x braces Gate x coat Esprit x boots Diechmann x
glasses Carrera

Photo, edit: Pavla (thank youuu <3 )
Thanks to our lovely girls Lucy and Jane for being such amazing assistants! 

with Love 



  1. Girls! I've been stalking you on your blog for awhile and you both are amazing! Well done :)

  2. Great shirt!
    Do you wanna follow each other?

  3. oooh very beautiful photos :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Very Sexy! I Luv it!
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